Joyce Rennolds, Motivator of One or a Thousand.

Joyce Rennolds is known internationally as a “Motivator of One or a Thousand”

A dynamic and uplifting speaker, seminar, class and workshop leader, Joyce has inspired people the world over to create the happy and successful lives they desire

Joyce Rennolds.


If you have been searching for the methods and the motivation that enable you to live a rich and rewarding life, you have found what you've been searching for.

With her dynamic and easy to implement teaching and motivational methods, Joyce Rennolds has helped people all over the world to powerfully create and manifest successful, healthy and happy lives.

Joyce blends the true nature of success by giving you an understanding of the Metaphysical, Physical, and Spiritual Laws - ultimately bringing you the happiness, fulfillment, and success you deserve!


Joyce Rennolds currently teaches ongoing classes and consults with individuals and companies on a regular basis.

Among her many accomplishments, Reverend Doctor Joyce Rennolds is an international seminar leader, lecturer, therapist and spiritual healer, an intuitive consultant, teacher of metaphysical and motivational classes, author, parapsychologist, Reiki Master, RoHun therapist, and ordained Inter-Faith Minister.

Joyce's teachings, techniques, readings and consultations have impacted thousands of people all over the world. Please feel free to browse our site to see what she has to offer you!

"Joyce is a much valued speaker, has been called Motivator of One or One Thousand, she is a frequent guest speaker all over the country and has drawn crowds all over the world with her inspiring and motivating messages."
~Lya Sorano, Atlanta Women in Business

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My life has changed dramatically since I read and applied the principals in your book. My health has improved. I have money, a wonderful career and an understanding of the power of God working in my life.
~ Lucille D., London England.
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