About Joyce

Joyce Rennolds is known internationally as a "Motivator of One or a Thousand". She is a graduate of the Arthur Ford International Academy....
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Reverend Doctor Joyce was ordained through St. John's University.  Joyce Rennolds Ministries Worldwide is a non denominational charter...
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Joyce has been teaching the principles of the Law of Attraction, as featured in "The Secret", for over 30 years. Her dynamic and easy to implement methods of teaching have helped people all over the world to become spiritually conscious individuals who are creating and manifesting outrageously successful, healthy, and happy lives.



"All the Good that you have been unwilling to receive in the past is yours. It is waiting for you to be willing to receive it now. Choose to accept it. Make a conscious choice to give and receive, bless and be blessed."

-From The Energy Connection,
The Law of Giving and Receiving, page 150

Bill Adams with Joyce Rennolds.
"Bill Adams, a goal reached






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