Have you been searching for information to help you create the life you desire?  To learn how to manifest your dreams and move through life with ease and joy?  Then you've come to the right place.

Joyce Rennolds has been teaching the principles of The Law of Attraction and helping people create success, joy, and prosperity in their lives for over 30 years.  Her Monday/Tuesday night and Wednesday morning classes are filled with people learning to implement the principles of Universal Laws and creating lives they've always dreamed of. 

Have you been asking yourself questions like these?

What is this Law of Attraction and how do I put it to work for me?

How in the world do I prosper?

What are the other Universal Laws and how do I use them?
How can I deliberately create wealth, abundance, harmonious relationships, and perfect health?
What is energy and what does it do?
What do I need to do to stay centered and stress free?
How can I establish a money consciousness?
How can I live from a point of power?

How do I discover who and what I was truly meant to be?

If so, Joyce's MONDAY/TUESDAY NIGHT AND MONDAY MORNING CLASSES are just what you've been looking for!

Joyce hosts these exciting and informative classes every Monday and Tuesday night, and Wednesday mornings throughout the year.  Please check the Schedule page for locations and additional information. You are welcome to attend one class or all. 

Each class is powerful and dynamic, built on the energy of the people attending. Topics that are covered include: "Scripting", "The Law of Attraction", "What In the World is Going On?", "How in The World Do I Prosper?", "Spiritual Principles and Higher Learning Techniques", "Secrets to Youthing and Experiencing the Fullness of Life", "How Do I Make the Energy Connection?", "Sounds for Enhancing a Spiritual Consciousness", etc., etc.
Joyce ends every class (on time) with a meditation.  People exchange business cards and telephone numbers in order to  build a network of friends and clients that support each other. 
These classes have proven to be successful by people who are now prospering and fulfilling their life purpose.  Decide today to learn to create the life you desire.

Classes are offered on a "love offering" basis. You may give in cash, check or credit card.

Call 678-402-8563 or email

A Personal Note From Joyce --- 
It is my desire that each of you prosper and fulfill your hearts desires.  It will be my pleasure if you join me and others for these exciting, informative, inspirational classes.   Hope to see you soon. 
May rich and abundant blessings be yours. 
Love and Light,



Dear Joyce,
Since taking your prosperity class last month, I have manifested a new Mustang convertible for exactly the amount I wanted to pay, gifts of Chanel #5 perfume and body lotion, a beautiful handmade sweater, and an offer of a business partnership.... New people have sought my friendship.,,, Keep up the good work! You are a very special teacher.

~Sandy P.
- class of 2001

I have established a prosperity consciousness through participating in your Monday night classes. I have opened up to receive and am drawing to me abundance in every form.

~Mary V.

Joyce reminds us
"The money is not the problem. The problem is the fact that you choose to abandon your creative powers by believing there is no way to get the money you want."

From The Energy Connection
The Law of Radiation & Attraction, page 100


"Tom Ellicott, Palmer House Properties & Joyce Rennolds"
Tom says "thoughts become things - choose the good ones!"




















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