Seminars, Workshops and Other Services

Click here for pictures from Joyce's 2007 prosperity seminar

Joyce Rennolds blends the true nature of success by giving you an understanding of the Metaphysical, Physical, and Spiritual Laws - ultimately bringing you the happiness, fulfillment, and success you deserve!

Joyce is a international seminar leader, lecturer, therapist and spiritual healer, an intuitive consultant, teacher of metaphysical and motivational classes, author, parapsychologist, Reiki Master, RoHun therapist, and Ordained Minister.

Her teachings, techniques, readings and consultations have had an impact on thousands of people all over the world.


Joyce will speak to your Company, Corporation, Business, Church, Hospital Group or Organization.  The cost is determined by the number of attendees, the location, and the budget of the client.  Joyce will customize the program to meet the needs of your particular group or organization. 

INTUITIVE CONSULTATION                                                              

Joyce has the ability to read your energy and provide you with valuable information, which will validate who you are, where you are going, and assist you in making "right decisions" using Universal Laws and Principles.  Schedule a consultation and gain insight through Joyce's expertise and enlightening information.  Cost is $150.00.

ROHUN THERAPY                                                                                          

Joyce works with your chakras to remove emotional blocks from the past.  This is a powerful process that clears and releases memory stored in the chakras.  The client will be fully aware of the releases and will find a healing taking place, thus creating profound lifestyle changes.  Experience the possibilities available to you through this unique therapy.  Cost is $250.00.

Phone Joyce at 678-402-8563 or email for scheduling or for additional information on any of the services offered.


I cannot thank you enough for the powerful and life changing motivation, encouragement and tools you have given to me since I first heard you speak.  You are certainly true to what your business card says - "Motivator of One or a Thousand" - and I am so deeply grateful you have taken the time to put as much energy into me, a "one", as you do into a "thousand".

I have heard countless abundance and prosperity speakers and have taken the 4T program 4 times, but I was never a believer that I could accomplish these ideas of receiving the gifts of the Universe till I took your course.  Now, I know I deserve the gifts because I, at long last, feel I have something to give back.  Thank you again.



Joyce says, "Give of your talents, abilities, and time, and the return will be great. There is a universal banking system that always gives back."


"Joyce, your 2009 Annual Prosperity Seminar was the BEST ever. I am now Scripting and seeing the Law of Attraction working in my life to bring to me the desires of my heart." Mary

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