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Please note:  Joyce Rennolds Cassette Tapes are no longer available. Continue to check this site for upcoming new products. Go to YouTube and type in "Joyce Rennolds and you will pull up over 60 video's of Joyce from her on-going classes. These are available for purchase through David Clarke, Simply Effective Videos's on-line.

The Energy Connection.  Click for more info.The Energy Connection
Joyce's newly revised fourth edition book.

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The book descries the Principles and Laws of Creation through an understanding of The Law of Cause and Effect, The Law of Vision, The Law of Radiation and Attraction, The Law of Repulsion, The Law of Denial, The Law of Release, The Law of the Vacuum, The Law of Love, The Law of Giving and Receiving and the knowledge that the Kingdom of God is within.

Joyce Rennolds blends the true nature of success by giving you an understanding of the metaphyical, physical, and spiritual laws...ultimately, bringing you the happiness, fulfillment and success you truly deserve.

The Energy Connection is whimsically illustrated to help the reader create memorable connections to the Universal Laws of Energy.

5.25" x 8.25"

67 illustrations




"Joyce is a much valued speaker, has been called Motivator of One or One Thousand, she is a frequent guest speaker all over the country and has drawn crowds all over the world with her inspiring and motivating messages."
~Lya Sorano, Atlanta Women in Business

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Eagle Eye Book Shop
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Joyce Rennolds blends the true nature of success by giving you an understanding of the metaphysical, physical, and spiritual laws - Ultimately bringing you the happiness, fulfillment, and success you deserve! Joyce Rennolds is a international seminar leader, lecturer, therapist and spiritual healer, intuitive consultant, teacher of metaphysical and motivational classes, author, parapsycologist, Reiki Master, Ro-Hun therapist, hypnotherapist, and ordained minster. Her teachings, techniques, readings and consultations have impacted thousands of people all over the world. See what she has to offer you!

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