Scripting - Connecting With Infinite Possibilities

Let’s talk about the many ways to script and start creating life the way you’d like it!

To begin, find a journal that feels good, looks good, resonates with you and has high vibrations. Your journal will house your inner most thoughts and desires, your attitudes toward life, the people surrounding you in your life, views and prejudices that you are changing, your ideas about how wealthy you choose to be in life and spirit, and so much more. It will be the basis of understanding that the Power of The Infinite Mind of God is within you and that you can script out your future just the way you want it!
To make this journal your own and align with it, on the inside cover or first page, dedicate your journal to your highest and greatest good.  Write your dedication in your own words, sign it and put the date on the page. Now you’re ready to go!

In writing in your journal, start right where you are. What do you want to move through with great ease? Script about it, make it real, relevant, and exact. Write as though what you want is already yours.

Write about all aspects of your life. Finances, career, family, education, spiritual growth, health, relationships, travel and values. Script about being grateful. Script that you are blessed, prospered, living the opulent life, demonstrating your talents and abilities, serving God and all of mankind.  Script about world situations, script for others. Let yourself go and have fun doing it, enjoy the process and know that you are connecting with the power of God.

Script in detail, realizing that with your writing you are entering into the field of Infinite Possibilities and that consequences and gifts will arrive because of your scripting, in addition to the thing you are scripting for.
It is wise not to look at a request in scripting and say "it's not here yet". Those four words can abort the whole idea or slow the coming of the manifestation down to a slow pace. When you find yourself owning anxiety over the feeling that “it’s not happening”, change that thought the minute you’re aware of it and script a statement of gratitude such as “I give thanks that my desires are here NOW”!
With the process of scripting you are building an energy field, activating the law of attraction, putting out for what you want, therefore it is wise if you script everyday. Sometimes a paragraph, other times a page or two, perhaps just a sentence, but scripting something every day contributes to the build up of energy. The time of day is up to you, however many people have found that early morning or late evening is a good time to script. Make your process your own.  Some days you may want to light a candle, get into a meditative space, say a prayer before you begin, other times you may write more casually, a few statements here and there, ideas and blessings for others. There is no right or wrong way to script.
Once a person starts their scripting they will see amazing things appearing in their life that may surprise them!  As one scripts the energy builds and a person can see many manifestations that delight them. Wonderful things start manifesting left and right, life is exciting and fun!  In fact, things can become so amazing and wonderful, in all the excitement, we seem to forget about scripting or think we don‘t need to do it any longer.  However, if you stop, the energy will burn itself out and you will experience a slowing up of your manifestations until they will actually stop appearing.  This is the time to get back to scripting the “new” that you desire in your life.  

Whatever we focus on, we draw to us, and this is the same way it works with scripting. If you are focusing on desires, wants, healings, forgiveness, career changes, unexpected income, spiritual growth, finances, relationships, self improvement, etc., through your scripting you will see changes taking place over a period of time.  Always script a statement of thanksgiving and/or appreciation when you see results and even if you don’t see the results. Being thankful, fuels the manifestation into fruition.
In the beginning you may feel a resistance in the solar plexus area. Some people experience an invisible wall, others a feeling that they cannot or are not allowed to ask for what they want. The solar plexus is the seat of the sub-conscious mind, a powerful energy center, that can discourage you from scripting.  If you experience this, the best thing to do is to continue to script, no matter how difficult.  You will break through this wall and it will become easier and easier to script. You will reach a place where you question "where is this information coming from" and you will feel Spirit directing your scripting. This is called inspirational writing.
Decide to take charge of your life by surrendering your life to the God within. Continue to script, let Spirit direct.  Invoke the power of God in your life, not the power of the Ego.  Making the switch may take some time, however, it is well worth your while to do so.  You will find life becomes easy, your calibration will be high and the principle of the law of attraction will be activated in your life and your affairs as you script.  You will know God and you will feel and see the blessings in all of your affairs.
Here are some powerful words and phrases that when written out will create results that will amaze and delight you!

“Divine right action is taking place now”
“Order is established in my life and my affairs now”
“This comes to me easily and effortlessly now”.
“This or something greater comes to me now under grace in a perfect way”
“I am grateful for my life, I live fully in the divine flow now”

Hundreds of thousands of people are scripting their way through life ------ why don’t you give it a try!

Affirmations to use while scripting, affirming verbally or just visualizing. Have fun with them.

Affirmations for greater prosperity ---- written by Joyce Rennolds

I am divinely guided in all that I do. I move forward with ease and grace toward my goals and aspirations. The Universe supplies everything I need and want to accomplish my heart's desires.

Large sums of money, big, happy financial surprises come to me easily and effortlessly. I am always in the abundant flow. I rejoice in the goodness of Universal Supply.

The most important thing for me to remember is to "feel good". When I feel good I am manifesting only good into my life and my affairs. I feel good NOW!

I continue to YOUTH! My body knows its perfection. My life is not about getting old; it is about living fully in the moment, embracing all the good that surrounds me. I enjoy an active lifestyle. I enjoy living in the abundant flow.

I am slim, trim, toned and flexible. I am agile. I am healthy. I feel good. I look good. I eat healthy and live life to the fullest. I find time to meditate and to script. The benefits that come from this lifestyle are miraculous.

I enjoy the challenge of new technology. I am computer savvy. I learn quickly and keep up with all of the changes that take place in this arena.

I live an opulent lifestyle. I enjoy feasting my eyes on beauty and enjoy the energy of opulence. I attract interesting, exotic, and beautiful places to visit and travel. My life is full, rich, and prosperous.

Divine love is moving throughout my life and my affairs now to heal, prosper and enlighten me. I rejoice and give thanks.

Love melts situations that seem impossible. I live in a vibration of unconditional love.

I love all people; all people love me, without attachment.

I am the love of God in expression. God's love in me is drawing to me now- new ideas, courage and visible supply.

I live by the Law of Love and love is always victorious.

I give thanks that I am empowered by the Mind of God.

~ Joyce Rennolds


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Joyce tells us,
"that the universe is always saying YES!
It does not discriminate."












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